Baggage Handling System

From the check-in counter to loading into the plane's hold, the baggage sorting system plays an essential role.

The baggage sorting system is an essential part of the baggage handling process, ensuring reliable routing from the check-in counter to the aircraft hold. Its missions include guaranteeing the safe delivery of baggage, reducing losses and routing errors, providing instant access to the right information in real time, while scrupulously respecting national and international security regulations. We develop high-end baggage sorting software tailor-made for your airport.


Our baggage sorting services includes computerization, automation, supervision, reporting and security of installations

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Our long experience in turnkey baggage sorting management, combined with the know-how of our project managers and tailor-made support, makes ALPHA-CIM a preferred partner for airport operators.
We design and develop high-end baggage sorting software that adapts to the size of your airport.

Our baggage sorting solution includes facility supervision as well as geolocated breakdown alerts.

Our software is:

Baggage sorting and tracking in real time

Geolocated alarms for breakdowns or others

Detailed reports automatically generated